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[$$$$] MXplosive1<--- is to return this week after long vacations and general business
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[Mem] squigface556Missouri is like this right now XD
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[Mem] Brooke0531   Agreed!
[Admin] Souldoubt999   Same here, went from wearing shorts to weather level: Norway in 24 hours. :(
[Admin] Souldoubt999"Bae caught me headless, still love her doe"
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[Mem] theRainningGamer   created a new thread TUNNEL!!!! in the Offences and rule breaking! forum
[Admin] ZebraoServer is up but ! Factions is NOT working for the moment, any actions abusing that will be bannable. Thank you for your patience.
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[Mem] theRainningGamer   Deapoolminecraft grieved me when the faction went down
[Mem] Brooke0531I was on a server that deadlox gets on and I was on Skyblock and I saw a sindre0009 player 0-0
sindre1009   Ahhh.. You met my twin!
[Mem] Brooke0531   Dang right. I felt like the coolest kid on the block!
sindre1009   haha :p
[Admin] Souldoubt999Sorry bout the downtime guys. If it doesn't fix itself earlier, it will be a few hours till Zeb can, so hold tight...
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[Mem] theRainningGamer   created a new thread New Minecraft Series in the Projects forum
[Mem] Brooke0531Why the server gotta be down? I got shiz to do, guise.
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[Vet] JakTheMuffinManI couldn't help but have to post this, by the way, anyone want to help me build a model of the fire one's head? I would do it myself, but I don't know how to make a good looking one without it being too big. [link]
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