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Teamspeak Server
Status updated Jan 1, 70
Teamspeak Server
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If you already have an account on the TS3 server then connect & input this key in Permissions > Use Privilege Key.
Unknown User  added 30 Advanced days to Merchants Path
ProvidedZmoo VIP  what?
[Admin] ZebraoWe are now switching websites since the updates have finished in game! :sick:

Join Now! :sick:
Level Up
The home of the Level Up server.
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[Mem] Lasercorn_   Yay
[Mem] Zebrao   joined Merchants Path
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Forever_Hectic VIP  Wait a minute.......... Zeb has a clone?
[Mem] Zebrao   Level Up Website Account XD
[Admin] ZebraoIll just leave this here.. [link]

The Big Update. Tomorrow
Level Up | Server Update | The Big One!
The Level Up Server is a new community driven server with re...
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Forever_Hectic VIP  :sick:
[Mod] TheKippernator   CANT. FREAKING. WAIT
[Admin] ZebraoTrails will be disabled as of tomorrow for a short while while we implement some changes :sick:
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[Mem] Lasercorn_   k
MXplosive1 VIP  k
[Mem] Lasercorn_   k
[Admin] Zebrao   created a new thread Change of plans. Survival Huge Update! in the Updates forum
[Mem] jcoop91st   created a new thread Just when you thought it was over they make it bette... in the General Discussion forum
[Mem] JakTheMuffinMan   created a new thread The End of the World as we Know it. in the General Discussion forum
[Mem] jcoop91st   created a new thread Found this THought i would post it For the Pirates in the General Discussion forum
[Admin] Souldoubt999Good luck in school this year! We'll still be here when the homework is done!:sick:
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[Mem] Lasercorn_   <3 soul. You do love us!
MXplosive1 VIP  Yeah, you won't see too much of me because of hectic's reason... kids, when you get to college, don't be like me
[Mem] Zebrao   I leave my assignments till last minute.. makes me work faster :')
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